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PRIVACY POLICY,,,, and are websites owned and operated by Uxor LLC, a Washington Corporation.

Uxor LLC Privacy Philosophy and Policy
Your privacy on the Internet is important to us. Because we gather certain types of information about Uxor LLC website users, we want you to understand the terms and conditions surrounding the capture and use of that information. This privacy statement discloses what information we gather and how we use it.

Information that Uxor LLC Gathers
Uxor LLC gathers two types of information about users:
1) Order data, including credit card information, from customer purchases.
2) E-mail addresses volunteered by site visitors or gathered from ordering information.

Aggregated data, which tracks website user activity as a whole rather than on an individual basis, is gathered through several methods. This tracking data follows our site traffic in general, and is not used to identify you personally.

Aggregated tracking information helps us to determine which areas of our site users like and don't like based on traffic to those areas. Uxor LLC does not track what you read, but rather how well each page performs overall. This helps us continue to build a better service for you. We do not disclose any aggregated information to third parties.

How Uxor LLC Uses Information
Uxor LLC holds any personal information that's voluntarily given by you in strict confidentiality. Questions submitted to our IBCLC certified Lactation Consultant may be used in our breastfeeding help or FAQ areas but will only be used without any personal reference to you or any means for others to identify you personally.
Uxor LLC will not disclose any information that personally identifies you to anyone without your express consent. There are exceptions:
1) When the purpose and manner of disclosure is clearly defined in advance.
2) When we believe in good faith that disclosure is legally required or to protect our rights.
3) When special orders, returns, rebates or special arrangements through vendors require or are facilitated by the vendors sending products, payments or information directly to you.

Uxor LLC Content Providers, Advertisers and Partners
Uxor LLC will not provide your personal information to anyone outside of Uxor LLC except in the limited circumstances mentioned, and only then with your consent.

It is important to note that our resource area contains many links to sites other than Uxor LLC, and that those sites may not follow the same privacy policies as Uxor LLC. For instance, if you click on a link in our resource area, it may take you away from Uxor LLC and to an entirely different site. This includes links from advertisers, content providers and partners.

Kids and Privacy
Uxor LLC will not request or knowingly collect from a child any information online that can be traced to the child, such as an e-mail address, name, or information about the child's family. Uxor LLC will not knowingly use information that a child provides for any marketing, selling or promotional purposes.

Changes to Policy
Uxor LLC reserves the right to change this policy at any time by notifying guests of the existence of a revised privacy policy.

Questions regarding this statement should be directed to Uxor LLC support services by e-mail to or by mail to Uxor LLC PO Box 280 Lind, WA 99341.

Hosted Retreats

June 4th - 8th, 2024:
Quiltworx Retreat
Five full days of sewing and 4 nights of sleeping!  This retreat includes all your meals from lunch on the 4th through brunch on the 8th.  The fee also includes a certified instructor that will be there to hold your hand all the way!  You can pick a kit we have in stock (you get 10% off for products during retreats!!) or pick any pattern that you would like!  The whole retreat is only $575!!
(509) 677-3335 or cell phone (10am to 10pm) 509-771-2614

November 20th - 23rd, 2024
Hosted Retreat with a Healthy Twist
The most common question I get is how do I do all that I do?!?   I would love the opportunity to share some of the things that I study every day and try hard to implement in my life.  I love feeling wonderful and would like to help anyone interested in finding ways for you to feel great every day too!  It will be structured with a bunch of mini-classes covering a variety of topics so you can pick and choose what you want to sit in on.  I am not an "expert" in any one field (well, except birth and breastfeeding) but I love to study and help others find things to help their situations.  I don't diagnose or prescribe and I'm not just trying to sell anything but there are some products that I have found that do wonders.  I'm not pushing any agenda or any one company - I just like to help people.
Here are some topics that I'll probably cover:

Breastfeeding - even though you may be past this part of your life there are always daughters and grand daughters that may need help and support!
Birth - again, you may be past this phase of life but we all have someone we can support with good information!
Vaccines - This is a touchy subject but you may want to know more about what is being shot into your body and what are the alternatives?
Sweeteners - which ones are good or bad?!?  How do they affect your body?
Diet - What is a "good" diet?  How do I tell which foods are good for me?
Supplements - There are so many out there - where do you begin?
Essential Oils - what are they and how do they work?
Homeopathy - What is it?  

This is just a start - give me ideas of what you would like to hear about 
or just come and have fun sewing!!