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                 INNOVA LONGARM
 We have a 26" Innova Longarm with a new Lightning Stitch Regulator. It can handle baby size to 120" king size quilts!

Do It Yourself:

      The longarm is available during your retreats if you sign up ahead of time.  It is also available by appointment between retreats.  We take care of all the technical aspects (helping you set up, threading and rolling) and you just pick your patterns and have fun driving.  There are a few different ways to use it:
* We have an extensive variety of Pantographs to choose from.  These are scrolls of preprinted patterns which you follow the printed line with a lazer light while           the machine sews it out for you.  These are generally edge to edge patterns but we have them for just squares or borders also.
* Freehand is another method where you can just "meander" all over which looks like puzzle pieces up to fancy fill patterns or any combination of these.
* We have a huge selection of stencils with pounce pads that you can put a pattern on the quilt and then follow the chalk lines.
* We have rulers in every shape and size which can help you to look very professional with the ease of just running the hopper foot along the edge. 

Cost:  $1.50 per square foot ($1.25 during retreats)

Custom Quilting:
      If longarm quilting is just not your thing, I will be glad to do it for you!  Most people choose an edge to edge pantograph design but I am glad to do custom ruler work and freehand designs also.  I charge per square inch and I aim at $20 per hour for my expertise.  A simple meander is about one cent per square inch whereas most pantos run about 1.5 to 3 cents per square inch.  Most ruler work runs 2 to 4 cents per square inch.  It will save you money if you bring your quilt top and backing ready to go which means:

*  Quilt top has all seams well pressed with seam allowances all pressed in the direction they are sewn down.  Press, press, press every step of the way!!
*  Have the top and bottom edges straight and the same width at top as at the bottom.  The side edges we can trim smooth after quilting but it sure helps
        if they are sewn straight.
*  Backing has been straightened so when you hang it with selvages even, the torn edges on both ends hang together.  Always insist that your backings
        are torn so you know where the straight of grain is!  We will gladly help you straighten any fabric backing you buy from us.
*  Make sure your backing has 3-4 inches on each side wider and longer than your quilt top.  The same goes with your batting.  We have a variety of
        battings for sale here by the yard so you can buy just what you need.
*  Bring top and back hanging on a hanger so there are minimal folds and creases.  You don't want to pay me $20/hour to press!

       If I don't have the panto design you have your heart set on I am glad to order it.  I get most of my pantos from Anne Bright Designs - you can look through all her designs online.
      I have a good selection of thread in stock also (I carry mostly Superior Threads but I also love Glide thread by Hab+Dash).  If you can't find the perfect thread I have color cards for all the main kinds and I can order it in.
      I try to get the quilts finished within a few weeks but it all depends on how busy the retreat is and may take up to a couple months.  I will do my very best to have it finished when there is a due date involved!  If you want to check out my work beforehand you are welcome to come take a tour of the retreat center and check out all the quilts on the beds!

Hosted Retreats

Coming In November 8th - 11th, 2023:
Free - For - All Retreat
Well, not exactly free as the usual rates will still apply ($40 for first two night and $35 for last night = $115 total) and then you can choose if you want to make your own meals or if you want catered meals at regular prices.  There will be no theme or instructors to pay for so you can all work on your own projects with no extra charges involved.  Come alone and meet new friends or bring a friend with you!  We just need $50 deposit to hold your spot - first come get to pick their beds!

(509) 677-3335 or cell phone (10am to 10pm) 509-771-2614