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1. Why should I shop at your store instead of the bigger stores online?

Answer: Because we own our building (and live in the middle of nowhere) our overhead is lower so we are able to pass those savings on to our customers! We are small enough to give a higher level of customer service and help you with problems. We have a great selection of “go with” fabrics! Because we list the products with names and order numbers we can help you find the extra fabric you may need when you run out in the middle of a project!

2. How wide is your fabric?

Answer: Most of the bolts are a standard 44” wide. Our extra wide fabric that is usually used for backs of quilts are usually 108” wide but a few range up to 118” wide.  Most of our "minky" type fabric is 60" wide however we have 90" wide now also!  If you see a backing on-line or in a magazine we will do our best to order it for you!

3. What is a “fat quarter”?

Answer: A regular quarter yard would be cut at 9” across the width of the fabric but some patterns are more conducive to a larger piece and fit better on a fat quarter. This is when we cut a half yard width and cut it in half to give two pieces that are 18 x 22”. One of those pieces is still a quarter yard but now it is “fat”.

4. What is a “pattern repeat”?

Answer: When you have a printed fabric with a design, that design will repeat it self down the fabric length. For some projects like kaleidoscope quilts you will need to know how often that repeat begins. Some of the standard repeats are usually 12”, 24” or 36” for a large panel.

Hosted Retreats

Coming In May 30 to June 3, 2023:
We will be making the Riptides Quilt (Or any other pattern of your choice) with a certified Instructor!
4 nights, 5 days of sewing, All meals and instructions for only $550!!
Bonus:  Once you have paid your $100 deposit you get a session with Carin (our instructor) on Quiltster to change up your chosen pattern with whatever colors you would like to make it your own!